Matic’s Call to Action: Fighters Unite & Conquer!

Fighters who Unite will Conquer

umvc3 pic               Last night UMVC3 was amongst the top 5 games being watched on twitchtv, Bar Fights being the main attraction of course.  Numerous Top Tier players stream their own personal sessions which include: sparring, in-house tournaments, announcements etc.  Our game was being watched more because of these top players taking the time out of their day to practice with the community.  Our fighting game titles are becoming stronger than they have ever been and what I’m trying to say is let’s push it even harder!

I want everyone to Follow and subscribe to all these channels in our genre, up and comers need to get in these lobbies, practice with the best, watch the best, learn from the best, and Ultimately, (if it’s your goal) travel out and get involved in the tourneys.  I know a lot of people watching these streams are getting inspired to become the player being watched so, do it!  I myself hopped in some open lobbies being streamed on twitchtv just last night.  I met some cool guys and a few very good players that sometime down the line I may interview, showcase their streams etc.  What I’ll say to you players is this: Visit to find out when tournaments are going to be happening around your area.

The idea is (The inspiring fighter) to win tournaments in your area or the surrounding places around your area to gain recognition and of course money, then use that money to travel to a major such as NorCal Regionals which is the next Major Tourney where all the Champions of your game will be, then DESTROY them.  This is how Chris G started out on his road to glory and we all know that he is arguably the best UMVC3 player to date and he started with less than most.  You have to push through blood, sweat and tears to become the player you want to be, it doesn’t happen overnight and you have to pave your own way.  You are the competition, so prove yourself!

Road to evo


“Support our Fighters in every aspect, without them, there is no you and without you the communities shall perish”

By: rG Matic

Author: rG Matic

Blogger/Content Advisor