OGN OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 kicks off

OGN OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 kicks off



OnGameNet’s 2013 Spring Champions League started this morning. For those not familiar with Champions League, it is the top Korean League of Legends competitive league; it is the equivalent to the LCS in North America and Europe, only using a different format.

The format of OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013

  • Top nine teams from Champions Winter 2012-2013 directly seeded, while the remaining three teams are seeded from qualifiers.
  • Round of 12 Group Stage is comprised of two groups of six. Each match is best of two.
    • 1:1 Tie game both teams receive 1 point
    • 2:0 Won team receive 3 points
    • Tiebreakers are in order of Matches Won, Games Differentials, Head to Head, and KDA per Minute.
    • Top four teams of each group advance to the bracket stage.
  • All bracket stage games are best of five
    • In the Semifinals teams will play two best of fives. If the teams win one each, a final sudden death game will be played


The Teams of OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013

Group A                                                                               Group B

MVP Blue                                                                           CJ Entus Frost

CJ Entus Blaze                                                                   SK Telecom T1

KT Rolster A                                                                       ahq e-Sports Club Korea

MVP Ozone                                                                         Incredible Miracle

Sk Telecom T2                                                                    KT Rolster B

Najin Sword                                                                        Najin Shield




Todays Results

Series 1 – MVP Blue vs Najin Sword

Match 1 – Winner – MVP Blue

Match 2 – Winner – MVP Blue

MVP Blue = 3 points

Najin Sword = 0 points


Series 2 –CJ Entus Frost vs SK Telecom T1

Match 1 – Winner - SK Telecom T1

Match 2 – Winner - CJ Entus Frost

CJ Frost = 1 point

SK Telecom T1 = 1 point



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Author: rG Cowboy