OGN Champions Summer 2013 Day 1 recap

OGN Champions Summer 2013 Day 1 recap

This was the first day of OGN Champions Summer. With a new format, which has more teams (now 16), broken down into 4 equal groups of 4 competing in the first stage of the season. Many, including myself this is the best league in the world with the best players, teams and strategies. So this is the league to watch leading up too worlds, as the winner will be the favorites going into worlds. Not to mention because they won the all-star tournament, this region gets to send 3 teams to world, instead of being with the rest of the world only sending 2 from each region.

Today kicked off with last years Champions, MVP Ozone, faceing off against one of the new teams coming into Champions League, Xenics Blast. Blast put up a good fight, but lost both games today, giving MVP Ozone a quick 3 points in the group table. Leaving the rest of the league wondering if anyone can take down MVP Ozone!

In the second match of the day Najin Black Sword took on another new comer to Champions League, Chunnam Techno University. Chunnam Techno University is a real University, and this is a team from mostly people that actually attend that school (This school actually has an e-Sports degree program!), and their coach is on loan from KESPA.  Najin Sword won the first game, but it was really more of a throw from CTU than anything. The next game CTU fixed up their mistakes and took down Sword, splitting the games with both teams picking up 1 point each in the group table.


Today’s Results

Series 1 – MVP Ozone vs Xenics Blast

Match1-Winner         MVPlogo

Match2-Winner           MVPlogo



 MVPlogo 3Points 

Xenicsblastlogo   0Points





Series 2 – NaJin Black Sword vs Chunnam Techno University


Match1-Winner         NaJin_e-mFire_Sword

Match2-Winner          CTU_logo


 NaJin_e-mFire_Sword  1Point

CTU_logo      1Point


Standings for Group A and B after Day 1

Group A

MVP Ozone = 3

Eat Sleep Game = 0

Xenics Storm = 0

Xenics Blast = 0


Group B

Chunnam Techno University = 1

NaJin Black Sword = 1

CJ Entus Blaze = 0

Hoon Good Day = 0




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Author: rG Cowboy