MLG Anaheim Power Rankings!

The MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts League Season 2 is over, and the top 8 American teams, the top 2 from the Gfinity League, and the runner up of ACL Brisbane (due to lack of funding from the winner), will participate in an 11 team, double elimination bracket for a 70,000 dollar prize pool, and the right to be crowned the Season 2 Champions.  Here are the power rankings from @ReadyUpGaming as MLG Anaheim comes ever closer.


MLG Anaheim Power Rankings



#1 Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses

Aches ─ TeePee ─ Crimsix ─ Karma

The XGames was their worst placing in a solid year, they played as if they were a pickup team playing 8s. This team, with addition of Karma, was created with the drive to WIN. With losing to OpTic Gaming and Team Kaliber, it gave them the drive they need to stay dominant and renewed the thirst to win.


#2  OpTic Gaming


Nadeshot ─ Scump ─ Clayster ─ Proofy

With their recent win at MLG Xgames, Optic proved they are a team bent on reaching the top after defeating the likes of EG, Team Kaliber, and EnVyUs. The addition of Proofy to this team is apparently the missing piece that was needed. However, so far this year they have only performed well at major events (COD Champs and Xgames), and will need to show they are consistently a top team.


#3 Team EnVyUs!


Merk ─ Parasite ─ Study ─ Nameless

nV has continued to consistently place well, finishing 2nd, 2nd, and 4th, at the last 3 events, respectively.  With their below average performance at XGames and the recooperation between both events should have given them ample enough time to work out the kinks


#4 FaZe Pro Team (Black)


Censor ─ Dedo ─ Saints ─ Formal

One team that were unable to go the XGames due to lack of Pro Points should take this event by surprise, placing very well. If FormaL and Dedo continue to play well, we can see a very agressive and dominating performance from FaZe Black. Their domination game is strong, and the team placed 4th at UGC Niagara with Saintt as a pick-up.


#5 Team Kaliber


Sharp ─ Neslo ─ Apathy ─ Goonjar

This team has proved that they are relevant on LAN, especially with how they took many teams by storm at the XGames, which includes very convincing performances versus Evil Geniuses and Optic Gaming. The LAN events will keep them in check, as they had to claw their way into the Champ’s Bracket in MLG Season 2.

Simply put, they are hungry


#6 Epsilon eSports

Epsilon eSports


Known as the most dominate team in Europe, expect the boys of Epsilon to make noise in the Champs bracket. They finished with the #1 seed in the Gfinity league, and won the most recent EGL tournament. Look for Jurd and Swanny to come out swinging.


#7 Curse COD (Black)


Burnsoff ─ Tipsy ─ Mochila ─ Enable

This may be dubbed one of the bigger online teams to have played in MLGs Season Two, however they all have LAN experience and we can expect them to surprise a few teams with their unique strats and change of meta.


#8 Curse AU



This team is coming over from across the land that can practically kill you in your sleep. They placed 5th at the CoD Championships (the only none North American team to finish in the top 8)  with very dominating SnD play.  However their respawn was not a strong as their American counterparts. The runners up of ACL Brisbane, they are attending in the place of Immunity, who was unable to attend.


#9 TCM Gaming

TCM eSports


TCM Gaming, the 2nd strongest team in Europe, recently finished with the #2 seed in the Gfinity COD League. Watch for Gunshy and MarkyB to make some noise this weekend in the championship bracket and playing with a chip on their shoulder from a poor COD Championship performance.


#10 FaZe Pro Team (Red)


Replays ─ Classic ─ Theory ─ JKap

At the recent LANs, it seems as if they are lost, however, if they were able to fix their problems that they had at the XGames then we should see a different performance from the boys in red. Look for Theory and JKap to go big.for this team in order for them to perform well.


#11 Denial eSports



Known throughout the COD community as the “Online Warrior” squad, this team is out to prove everyone wrong at Anaheim. This is their first LAN performance as a team, and everyone will need to step up in order for them to reach a high placing.



On top of the Championship bracket, 192 teams will face off in the “Amateur”  bracket for a $10,000 prize pool, with the top 4 teams earning a coveted spot in MLG Call of Duty: Ghosts League Season 3. In no particular order, here are some teams to watch out for in the AM Bracket (in no particular order):

 OpTic Nation


MBoze ─ Ricky ─ MiRx ─ Killa

With the roster of MBoZe, Killa, MiRx and Ricky, you absolutely have to pay attention to them in the open bracket. Their SnD play is always going to put up a good fight and their respawn can be devastating with MiRx and Ricky ready to go off at any moment.


 Strictly Business Gaming


Methodz ─ Spacely ─ John ─ Stainville

Their performance in Season Two of MLG’s league was less than stellar, however their core StainVille, J0hn and SpaceLy showed at the XGames that they are not a team to take lightly. For the Open Bracket they will also have Methodz who can bring an explosive game.


Curse COD (Orange)


Muddawg ─ Miyagi ─ Attach ─ Crowster

This team will only continue to improve both as a team but as friends. Their performance at the XGames took many by surprise and look for them to continue to be the underdogs at any event they partake in.  Look for Miyagi and Attach to go huge for Curse Orange this weekend.


Vexx Gaming


Slacked ─ Pluto ─ Huhdle ─ Slasher

Cut just short of the Champs Bracket by one game, look for this team to be out for blood in the open bracket. Their change in strats and meta is unique in their domination game and their SnD can be very tight knit.


JusTus Pro

Justus Pro

Sin ─ Doubt ─ Twizz ─ Blfire

Justus finished in the bottom 4 of Season 2, but this is not a team to take lightly. Sin and Doubt were part of an Xfinity team that finished strong at COD Champs 2014. Look for Twizz and Blfire to go big for the team this weekend.


Our BOLO list (Be On the Look Out) for the open bracket:

Rise Nation

Carnage NA

WiLD Gaming

Lightning Pandas

Mutiny COD

Revenge Gaming

eXellence Gaming




ReadyUp Gaming would like to wish the best to all the teams competing at MLG Anaheim this weekend, and look forward to seeing you in Season 3!


By: rG Crushsniper, rG Smplbot, rG NAEGoldCharity




Author: crushsniper